What to take?

things for kamp

What needs to take with:

Your Bible

Toiletry items (toothbrush & paste)

Pillow & sleeping bag or twin linens

Soap and shampoo


Towels & washclothes


Sunscreen & bug spray



Dark clothes for water events

Water shoes or shoes that can get wet

Labeled laundry bag

Rain gear


What you shouldn't take:

Expensive or valuable items

Bad habits

Foul language


Skateboards or skates

Shirts with foul language

Apple Watch

Please Note: Kamp's dress code

Kamp Kennessee is a unique camp whose standards are different than other camps regarding morality and modesty. To uphold these values, we believe it is essential to establish some guidelines relative to what each kamper wears during the week of kamp. The dress code we subscribe to at kamp is not to pass judgment on anyone, but these are the rules for kamp attire.We place you, the parents, responsible for the dress of your children.

With this in mind, give consideration to the following.

  • Shorts worn by kampers must come to the kneecap, not several inches above. Dresses or skirts should also come to the kneecap.
  • Sleeveless shirts are permitted. There will be no tank tops or tops that are revealing
  • No stretch pants, spandex pants, or skinny, form-fitting jeans will be permitted.
June 16 - 21

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